EvansTech Services, LLC

Computer Tech Support for Residential and Small Businesses 

Remote Support via phone and internet, On-Site Support, Custom Programming


Phone and On-Line Support: Computers never break down when it is convenient, instead they usually go down when you need them the most. Imagine if you could just pull out a Magic Genie who could help you fix your computer right now, right when you are having a problem. That would be great right? Well, we’re not a Magic Genie, but you can call at any time of the day (yes, includes 2 am) and someone will be at your service. If for some reason we do not answer, leave a message then wait 5 minutes and call again. Our phone is our business so we will call back.

Phone and On-Line Support Services: We can help you install new software and hardware, remove viruses, get your printer printing again, clean up your system, defragment your hard drive, and solve other worrisome issues that cause your system to slow down.

On-Site Support: Not all computer problems can be solved on-line or over the phone. So we will go to your home or office, diagnose the issue and fix it.

Custom Programming: Sometimes software programs out of the box aren’t quit what you are looking for. Maybe you need a specialized billing program, or want to keep track if your inventory, clients, or sales personnel. If you’re a collector, keeping track of your collection and knowing its value would be essential information for insurance purposes. We have created many different databases to help our clients with both business and personal needs.